Monday, June 11, 2012

Red Mic - Stop, Look and Listen

Music Monday was meant for artist like this. Allow us to introduce a new Lady Emcee, Red Mic. She is the newest artist  to be added to a very select list of songs in rotation on Mutant Emcee Radio. We recently listened to over two dozens songs and her song was the only to make the cut.

Mutant Emcee is for the best of the best, purest or purest and only if it's true to Hip Hop. Redmic provided the only music submission with a disclaimer to make the cut.

Formerly known as Redlight....STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN is the definition of REDMIC, she is a talented Hip Hop artist on the rise. Born in Atlanta Georgia and raised everywhere her mom was a single parent in the military and she has lived in many different states and she even lived in the U.K.

Her hit single "UH" has received over 23,000 downloads on Amazon, Itunes, Rhapsody,Nokia & Zune. Her mixtape and debut album is set to drop this summer. You can expect true lyricism and life stories, this beauty is definitely a beast on the mic, and is ready to let all the guys know "Ladies First"


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